Asia Cargo Airlines Launches First Cargo Flight from Kertajati Airport Since Pandemic Shutdown by The Asian Business Review

After almost two years of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kertajati Airport (KJT) in West Java saw its first cargo flight depart today with leading regional cargo carrier Asia Cargo Airlines heading for Syarif Kasim II airport in Riau with a load of 12 tonnes on a Boeing 737-300F.

[The Asian Business Review] – Speaking at the official relaunch of Kertajati Airport, Marco Isaak, Group CEO of Asia Cargo Network and its affiliate (which owns Asia Cargo Airlines) said, “With the combination of the overall easing of restrictions and the pent-up market demand, there is no better time to work towards turning Kertajati airport into the logistics hub of Indonesia, just as it was initially designed for.”

“We have been working closely with government agencies over the last few months with this shared vision in mind, and we will be investing over the next 12 months to help Kertajati Airport attain this status,” announced Isaak.

About Asia Cargo Network

Established in 1970, Asia Cargo Network is the leading air cargo carrier in Southeast Asia with operations throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Asia Cargo Network offers freighter aircraft services, aircraft leasing, aviation-related services, and integrated air cargo logistics services to world renowned courier companies, as well as postal companies and natural resource explorers, oil drilling companies, airlines, freight forwarders and shippers from around the world.