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Asia Cargo Network provides a wide range of aviation-related services across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe

aircraft leasing

Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft Wet Lease - Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance (ACMI); and Aircraft Dry Lease

Asia Cargo Network RGA-Black Stone Airlines Indonesia

Freighter Aircraft Schedule & Charter Operations

Indonesia and Malaysia domestic routes
International routes across Asia
Middle East sectors

Air Cargo Network group MRO aircraft spares and parts

Supplies of Aircraft Spares and Parts

Aircraft wheels and brakes, avionic components, consumables and engines

Asia Cargo Network aircraft management services

Airline Management Services

Acquisition and business restructuring

Air cargo wholesale and retail market

Air Cargo Ground Logistics Services

Wholesale and retail market cargo sales and consolidation, warehousing, transportation, and forwarding services

Asia Cargo Network flight truck services

Flight Truck Services

Cross-border airline truck services between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with special permits for swift clearances on airline pallets