air freight

Milestones in our Journey


Middle East freighter operations commence under MENA Cargo Airlines

ACN receives SBR National Business ‘Cargo Handling’ Award 2023

Iman Marco named among Global 200 Inspirational Leaders of 2023

Panel discussion at Boeing Southeast Asia Aging Airplane Symposium 2023 in Malaysia

Panel discussion at Cargo Facts Asia 2023 in Singapore

Iman Marco named ‘Top Elite CEO’ at 100 Top Young CEO Awards

Dubai office opens

London office opens

ACN receives ‘Best E-Commerce Carrier of the Year, Asia Pacific’ Payload Asia

World Cargo Airlines announced ‘Express Provider of the Year, Asia Pacific’ Payload Asia


ACN invests in MENA Cargo Airlines, Bahrain, to acquire 49% stake in the airline company making a strong entrance into the Middle East market

Asia Cargo Airlines announced winner of the ‘Rising Cargo Carrier of the Year 2022’ Payload Asia

Asia Cargo Network invests US$10m to build Kertajati Aircraft Maintenance facility in Indonesia

Asia Cargo Airlines receives Changi Cargo Partners Appreciation Award 2022 – Special Commendation Award (Top Cargo Airlines)

RGA receives its AOC from DGCA in February 2022 and started operation with two B737-300F aircraft. The new airline is branded Black Stone Airlines

ACN Aeroteknik receives its AOC 145 for MRO in Indonesia and development of its own MRO aircraft hangar begins


Tri-MG Airlines rebrands to Asia Cargo Airlines as approved by Director General Civil Aviation Authority of Indonesia

Iman Marco appointed Chief Executive Officer of World Cargo Airlines

World Cargo Airlines operates the first Boeing 737-800F in Southeast Asia


Asia Cargo Network invests RM 40 million to acquire 51% of POS ACE and became partner to POS Malaysia Berhad as majority owner of the airline. At the same time securing 10-year POS Malaysia’s Schedule Air Transport Services contract. The airline is now rebranded to World Cargo Airlines (WCA)


ACN delivers first conversion B737-400F on lease to POS ACE airlines in Malaysia, a subsidiary of POS Malaysia Berhad, and was subsequently awarded the management contract of the airline itself


Iman Marco appointed Group Chief Operating Officer of Asia Cargo Network

Asia Cargo Airlines adds two more 737-300Fs to its growing fleet


Asia Cargo Network awarded Top 5 Cargo Airline for Absolute Growth from Singapore Changi Airport Group

Zack Isaak appointed Chief Executive Officer of Asia Cargo Network


Asia Cargo Network incorporated in Malaysia


Sakinah Marco and Zack Isaak join Asia Cargo Network

Sakinah Marco appointed Chief Financial Officer of Asia Cargo Network


Mohamed Ishak Ghous, Marco Isaak and his siblings start Tri-MG Airlines in Indonesia

Aero Speed Aviation incorporated in Singapore


Marco Isaak joins the family air logistics business


In the 1980’s, charter operations expand to the Middle East and Europe from Singapore Changi Airport


Mohamed Ishak Ghous starts a logistics business in Singapore