RGA Airlines

Launched in March 2022, RGA Airlines — branded as Black Stone Airlines — it provides air cargo services focused on domestic Indonesia, and is slated to expand into international passenger services in 2023.

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RGA Airlines (Black Stone) as the newest player in the Indonesian air cargo market, servicing routes across Indonesian islands. 

RGA Airlines (Black Stone) plug gaps in the Indonesian domestic market by providing solutions for local air cargo transportation needs. Using aviation market intelligence tools and through group experience in our existing cargo networks, the air cargo services group aims to improve niche transportation routes that are currently untapped by the local cargo airlines.

RGA Airlines (Black Stone) plans to expand its wings into passenger flight routes to Saudi Arabia doing Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages in 2023. The operations will be performed utilising four units of A330 passenger aircraft.

Air Cargo Routes

RGA-Black Stone’s fleet of three (3) narrow-body Boeing 737-300F aircraft freighters transport air cargo domestically throughout Indonesia.

  • CGK — KNO — CGK
  • CGK — BTH — CGK
  • CGK — UPG — CGK
  • CGK — UPG — MDC — CGK
  • CGK — TRK — GTO — CGK
  • CGK — KOE — LBJ — CGK
  • CGK — PKU — KNO — CGK
  • DJJ — WMX — DJJ
  • TIM — WMX — TIM
Asia Cargo Network RGA-Black Stone Airlines air cargo shipments

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