Asia Cargo Network’s RGA-Black Stone Airlines Takes Off In Indonesia

Asia Cargo Network RGA-Black Stone Airlines air cargo services

Asia Cargo Network’s newest entrant into the market looks to strengthen Indonesia’s air cargo space with an innovative approach to the industry.

(JAKARTA) – After receiving its second newly approved Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in Indonesia on 28 March, which is its third  airline AOC in the region, the Asia Cargo Network group launched RGA-Black Stone Airlines with its inaugural flight departing last week on 30 March, 2022. Setting out of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) in Jakarta, the flight headed to El Tari International Airport (KOE), then Komodo International Airport (LBJ).  

A launch event was held last Thursday in honour of the significant milestone for the local aviation industry, establishing RGA-Black Stone Airlines as the newest key player within the Indonesian air cargo market, servicing routes both across Indonesia and internationally.

The event gala saw a large turnout of key figures from the Indonesian air cargo industry, and entrepreneurial sectors. The Board Leader from the Asia Cargo Network group and founding partner of Black Stone Airlines Mr Marco Isaak, together with the Head of People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr Bambang Soesatyo and the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Indonesia DGCA Mr Novie Riyanto officiated the launch of the inaugural flight.

RGA-Black Stone Airline’s President Director, Mr Zack Isaak explains, “RGA-Black Stone Airlines looks to plug gaps in the Indonesian domestic market by providing solutions for local air cargo transportation needs. Using aviation market intelligence tools and through group experience in our existing cargo networks, we aim to improve niche transportation routes that are currently untapped by the local cargo airlines, while establishing new routes regionally with other countries in the near future.”

In addition, RGA-Black Stone Airlines plans to expand its wings into passenger flight routes to Saudi Arabia doing Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages in the third quarter of 2022. The operations will be performed utilising four units of A330 passenger aircraft.

As the largest Muslim populated country in the world, more than 50,000 people embark on Hajj, while 1.5 million on Umrah pilgrimages from Indonesia annually. Establishing passenger airline routes for the Hajj and Umrah programme would thus be a lucrative market for RGA-Black Stone Airlines.

The Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage flight programme is just one of several plans RGA-Black Stone Airlines has in store for the Indonesian aviation space, with proposals to enter the Chinese market currently being discussed.

RGA-Black Stone Airlines also intends to roll out a pilot programme of drone delivery services, through which cargo is delivered via drone operating systems. “We see new opportunities in the way we deliver cargo, and the drone methodology is certainly something that we believe will become mainstream in the future. We intend to grow the potential of this market and achieve premium cargo capabilities, especially with high worth and time sensitive goods including medical equipment and emergency items,” added Isaak.

Using drones for transportation by air is gaining popularity around the world, with the drone logistics and transportation market size being projected to increase exponentially in the near future.

Group CEO and founder of Asia Cargo Network Group, Marco Isaak remarked, “We are proud to introduce RGA-Black Stone Airlines as our latest expansion effort to strengthen the Indonesian cargo network and bolster air deliveries locally and internationally. These are exciting times, and Asia Cargo Network looks forward to increasing its market control of the cargo industry within Indonesia and the region.”


About Asia Cargo Network

Asia Cargo Network (ACN) is the air cargo charter services leader in Southeast Asia with a growing regional presence in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. ACN offers freighter aircraft services, aircraft leasing, aviation-related services, and integrated air cargo logistics services to e-commerce platforms, world-renowned courier companies, as well as postal companies and natural resource explorers, oil drilling companies, airlines, freight forwarders and shippers from around the world. The Group was incorporated in Malaysia in 2015 and is made up of other companies including World Cargo Airlines, a Malaysian cargo carrier company; Asia Cargo Airlines formerly known as TRI-MG Airlines, an Indonesian cargo carrier; and Aero Speed Aviation, a Singapore-based integrated logistics company.

About RGA-Black Stone Airlines

Launched on the 28 March 2022, RGA-Black Stone Airlines is part of the Asia Cargo Network Group. It is an airline that provides air cargo services and is slated to expand into international passenger services in the third quarter of 2022. RGA-Black Stone Airlines displays a high level of innovation when it comes to servicing the air cargo routes within Indonesia, pioneering a pilot programme whereby drones will be used to deliver local shipments.