Chairman of the MPR RI Supports Kertajati Airport to Become a Logistics Center

“Many national and international cargo companies have been interested in making Kertajati International Airport as their logistics terminal. As planned by Asia Cargo Airlines, a national cargo company that is part of the Asia Cargo Network Group based in three countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The good intentions of the various cargo companies must be immediately responded to by the West Java Provincial Government and the Ministry of Transportation,” said Bamsoet.

Chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo supports the development of Kertajati Airport in Majalengka Regency, West Java into Indonesia’s logistics center, freighter center hub/cargo village. Considering that since it was operated in 2018, the airport has not attracted many passengers, so it is better to develop it into a logistics center for Indonesia.

Photo credit: Times Indonesia by Doc. MPR RI

About Asia Cargo Network

Established in 1970, Asia Cargo Network is the leading air cargo carrier in Southeast Asia with operations throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Asia Cargo Network offers freighter aircraft services, aircraft leasing, aviation-related services, and integrated air cargo logistics services to world renowned courier companies, as well as postal companies and natural resource explorers, oil drilling companies, airlines, freight forwarders and shippers from around the world.