Asia Cargo Airlines Crowned Rising Cargo Carrier of the Year

Asia Cargo Airlines award-winning Payload Awards

The Indonesian cargo airline has clinched the coveted title of ‘Rising Cargo Carrier of the Year’ at the 2022 Payload Asia Awards

[Singapore] Indonesia’s leading air cargo carrier Asia Cargo Airlines, owned by the Asia Cargo Network group, was awarded the Rising Cargo Carrier of the Year at the 9th edition of the Payload Asia Awards last week. Held at the Sheraton Towers in Singapore, the premier aviation industry awards ceremony commemorated global leaders and heavy weights in the field.

The Rising Cargo Carrier of the Year is a new award by Payload Asia, designed to honour a company that has managed to capture the attention of the industry by capitalising on market opportunities and providing support to key markets.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Zack Isaak, CEO of Asia Cargo Airlines said, “We’re very proud to be awarded such a prestigious honour. It’s taken years of hard work to prove ourselves and rise through the ranks and seize market opportunities. There is a lot more to do and we look forward to further supporting the growth of this industry in this region.”

The Payload Asia Awards recognises companies who evolve as they expand and disrupt business models in view of sustainability and growth. This year’s awards are especially bold as they celebrate industry leaders and forward thinkers of the air cargo and logistics supply chain industry who are spearheading innovation and leading the new economy.

Other categories of awards at this year’s ceremony include Global Carrier of the Year, Cargo Airport of the Year, Ground Handler of the Year, and Outstanding Freight Forwarder of the Year.

Asia Cargo Network also operates two other airlines in Southeast Asia and another in the Middle East.


About Asia Cargo Airlines

Asia Cargo Airlines is a rebranding of the former Tri MG Airlines. The rebranding was made effective August 2021 under the purview of the Director General Civil Aviation Authority of Indonesia (DGCA). Based in Halim Airport Perdana Kusuma, Jakarta, Indonesia and operating since 2003, the organisation has outfits in several Indonesian states and flies to locations throughout Indonesia.

Internationally, it has provided operations into Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Australia. It has a strong team and prides itself on serving a diverse range and variety of customers including e-commerce platforms, government bodies, airlines, national postal companies, major courier companies, manufacturers, shippers and forwarders.