World Cargo Airlines Takes Delivery of Highest-Capacity Freighter Aircraft in Southeast Asia

Asia Cargo Network World Cargo Airlines Boeing 737-800F

The cargo airline has increased its capacity to redefine shipping capabilities in Southeast Asia.

(KUALA LUMPUR) – Malaysia’s leading air cargo charter services provider, World Cargo Airlines (WCA) has taken delivery of the youngest, highest-capacity aircraft in the Southeast Asia region, increasing their carrying capacity to match growing demand.

To this end, the aircraft will make a welcome addition to the World Cargo Airlines fleet, with its second Boeing 737-800F, a member of the the New Generation variant of the Boeing 737 aircraft class, with a 21-tonne capacity. The aircraft will commence operations in mid-June 2022 with plans to route to China, Hong Kong, and India.

Discussing the new possibilities, Iman Marco, CEO World Cargo Airlines shared, “The extended capacity of our new fleet will allow us to increase and optimise our service to the AESAN region and beyond. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this next step in strengthening logistic connections in the region, and to support our customers better with the latest available freighter aircraft. We mean to redefine quality logistic services in the region by expanding and developing our fleet to support our clients’ needs.”

The Asia Cargo Network group, owner of World Cargo Airlines, anticipates that the strength of the youngest air freighter fleet will become a notable and reliable feature in the region since it is supported by the highest-capacity technology available. The fleet is moving from 15-18 tonne loads to 21 tonne loads, marking an integral increase in capacity. The airline is also in the process of expanding flight operations.

Asia Cargo Network, Group CEO, Marco Isaak added, “The Asia Cargo Network group is poised to go from strength-to-strength in spite of the market effects of the pandemic. Our capacities are growing in tandem with the market needs of the region. We are more capable than ever to support our clients with the optimum service for air cargo deliveries and we look forward to supporting the growth of our industry throughout the ASEAN region and China.”


About World Cargo Airlines

Formerly known as POS Asia Cargo Express or more popularly known as “POS ACE”, World Cargo Airlines is based in Malaysia. The airline holds an approved AOC for the operation of cargo aircraft under the purview of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), and operates domestic flights to and from Peninsular and East Malaysia, and various international destinations.

About Asia Cargo Network

Asia Cargo Network (ACN) is the air cargo charter services leader in Southeast Asia with a growing regional presence in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. ACN offers freighter aircraft services, aircraft leasing, aviation-related services, and integrated air cargo logistics services to e-commerce platforms, world-renowned courier companies, as well as postal companies and natural resource explorers, oil drilling companies, airlines, freight forwarders and shippers from around the world.

The Group was incorporated in Malaysia in 2015 and is made up of other companies including World Cargo Airlines, a Malaysian cargo carrier company; Asia Cargo Airlines formerly known as TRI-MG Airlines, an Indonesian cargo carrier; and Aero Speed Aviation, a Singapore-based integrated logistics company.